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Recently, Google announced they would be discontinuing the G Suite legacy free edition, pushing people to upgrade to a paid Google Workspace subscription. Unsurprisingly, this resulted in a serious backlash from many users, and Google had to back down a bit. They now allow people who use the G Suite legacy free edition for non-commercial purposes to opt out of the transition to Google Workspace. We have more on this topic in our blog:

Migrating Email From Google Workspace/G Suite Legacy/Gmail to Your Own Account

In any case, the whole situation forced many people to start looking for an alternative solution. This is where eHosted comes in. We have always had a reliable and secure mail service that offers plenty of disk space, which makes switching from Gmail (or any other IMAP mail provider for that matter) to ICDSoft a great option. And you can now do this directly from your Control Panel with our new "Copy mailbox" tool.

Copy Mailbox

The "Copy maibox" tool available in the "Mail Manager" section of the Control Panel allows you to copy the contents of a local or remote mailbox to a local mailbox on the hosting account with IMAP. The same tool is also available in the "Migration" section of the Control Panel. To copy a mailbox, you simply need to fill in the source IMAP account credentials (mailbox user/address, mailbox password, IMAP server), select the local destination mailbox, and click Continue. 

Credit Where Credit is Due

Our "Copy mailbox" instrument is based on the excellent imapsync tool by Gilles LAMIRAL. We could have created an in-house tool, but why reinvent the wheel, when both our and our users' experience with this tool has been nothing but positive.

Hopefully, you will find our implemention of the imapsync tool useful when you need to copy/synchronize a mailbox. We've got more mail-related features coming up soon, so stay tuned.

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